certified special events professional san francisco

Not All Event Producers Are Created Equal

When you look at the market of special event producers you tend to look at the list of events they have done and check out their photo album. If it looks good and there’s a bunch of testimonials, plus you like what you see, you’d probably be tempted to go with them. But imagine if we selected surgeons like that. If you needed a big operation, would you just go ahead with the gal who did the one for your friend? Of course, you wouldn’t! You’d want to make sure that the surgeon was properly qualified.

There is a program to create certified special events professional san francisco. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing the person running your ever-so-important once-in-a-lifetime event was someone who knows what they are doing and has proven that, rather than just some Joe Shmoe who has set themselves up in business as a party planner?

certified special events professional san francisco

A professional qualification means you been through a program of study and passed a test of some sort at the end. It means that you have considered a little more about the business aspects. And like anything else it is a case of wrapping your head around the minutiae means you do a better job at a macro level.

Events in some ways are finite – there’s a period of planning, which gets increasingly intense the closer you get to the big day. There’s the event itself, and then there’s the clear up afterward. You might not need to be a certified project planner to pull together the timescale, but you certainly need to be a plate spinner or a juggler. The more complex the event, the more ‘plates’ you will need to keep spinning. Hiring someone who has proven themselves and demonstrated their work to other specialists has instant credibility.